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No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home


My son says, after living on noodles and scraping the ice off the inside of his windows, there is no place like home!!!

I had a play with some lighting in the garden, great because you get to see the piece at night as well. 

Designed to be set into ground but just as effective between two sleepers.

Refer to our care and installation page.


Size 690x210x4mm


  • About Corten Steel

    • Corten Steel is made from the manipulation of alloy elements that are added to steel. This controls the rate at which Oxygen in the atmosphere can react with the surface of the metal, developing over time a protective coating.                 
    • Larger sculptures are constructed from 4mm Corten.
    • Smaller pieces from 3mm Corten.
    • The rustic nature of the material means imperfections in colour and texture are present, this adds to the overall effect of your sculpture, giving it unique characteristics.
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